Swim with dolphins
in mediterranean sea

Do you want sensation and adventure?
Do you dream to swim among dolphins, see turtles and whales?

This is possible in Mandelieu [06] aboard the Cala Rossa.
Give you an extraordinary trip aboard the Cala Rossa and go swimming with dolphins in the heart of the sanctuary Pelagos (about 25000 dolphins identified), a real nature reserve created at the initiative of France, Monaco and Italy, for the protection of whales, dolphins, whales and turtles ...
The identification of mammals is done by air. Once located, experience unforgettable moments in the middle of dolphins, whales and other cetaceans !

Book now your boat trip for this summer and spend an unforgettable trip swimming with dolphins!

"Dolphin Watching guaranteed thanks to the tracking plane."

We invite you again, if we don’t see any dolphins (very rare)

Information request
00 33 6 09 88 47 06 or 00 33 6 21 14 28 24